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Inside and Out protection against the Poultry Red Mite!


Dermitox is a revolutionary treatment protocol based on natural ingredients for the total protection and prevention of Poultry Red Mite infestations.
Dermitox is non-toxic to humans and animals, it is pesticide-free and environmentally-safe. Dermitox is formulated as a Premix and administered as a Premix that is added to the dry feed. Dermitox Premix is easy to use and does not require any changes to the daily routine. It has no withdrawal period and no resistance build-up. It can be used in addition or in rotation to existing treatment to reduce dependency on harmful chemical treatments.
Dermitox may also be used to treat other parasites such as roundworms, which are prevalent in many free-range and cage-free chicken farms.


Simple and Easy treatment Protocol

Non-Toxic & Pesticide Free

Simply add Dermitox Premix to your normal feed for 7-10 days and then spray the Facility with Dermitox LQ

Environmentally-Safe & Friendly

Non-Toxic & Pesticide Free

Dermitox is made of natural & organic ingredients only. It is safe to both Humans and Animals. 

Zero Day Treatment & No Resistance Build

No withholding of eggs.
No evacuation of facility.

Simple to integrate with other treatments or added to rotation 

Use for both Caged and Cage-Free Layers

Protection from and Inside and Out

Administered primarily in the Feed, Dermitox does not require a confined facility to be effective.

About Dermitox: Feature
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